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Who is Nicole




Nicole is passionate about scuba diving and would love to help you explore the underwater depths of “her island.” Click here for more information.

Discover the underwater depths of the Guadeloupe archipelago

Spend a week discovering the underwater depths of the Guadeloupe archipelago:

Beware: some dives are only available to divers with a ‘niveau 2’ qualification or equivalent.

Dependant on the schedule outlined at the time of booking:

You will dive at the well-known ‘Cousteau Reserve’ where you will explore the sites around the unmissable ‘Pigeon Islands’ such as the Japanese Garden, the three shipwrecks and why not do a night dive? You’ll undoubtedly see some turtles, several majestic Coranx fish and some shoals of the strikingly violet manioc fish…

You’ll spend a whole day in Les Saintes where, weather permitting. you will test out your flippers at the famous ‘Sec Pâté’, allegedly the most beautiful dive site in the whole of the Caribbean with its XXL wildlife. In the afternoon, you’ll dive at Les Saintes or, if you prefer, go and visit Terre de Haut?

Explore the ‘Grand Cul-de-sac Marin’ and it’s islands.

We’ll drive up to St.Rose where we’ll set off for the whole day. The first dive is at the coral barrier reef before we head to an island surrounded by crystal clear waters for a spot of swimming and snorkelling and to relax for lunch. In the afternoon, any non-divers can stay on the island whilst we do our second dive at another site.

You may want to explore Grande Terre:

We’ll dive at the ‘Pointe de la Grande Vigie’ (weather permitting but, in principle, should be possible from April to October): the Atlantic waves crash against the staggering cliffs of the ‘Grande Vigie’ where we’ll see caves rising several metres high. You never know what you’ll see: dolphins, tarpons, loaches and, at certain times of the year, you may even hear whales singing.

If the weather prevents us from diving at the ‘Grande Vigie,’ then we’ll dive at Port Louis where you’ll see a magnificent display of colours, underwater arches and overhangings as well as plenty of multi-coloured fish.

We’ll also set off from St.François to go and explore Petite Terre. The first dive will be at the ‘la Roche Merveilleuse’, or ‘Marvellous Rock,’ to see shoals of triggerfish, barracudas and maybe even stingrays.

We’ll have a picnic near to the Petite Terre nature reserve, or go ashore to meet the iguanas, before doing our second dive in the transparent waters surrounding this uninhabited island, hopefully meeting the bullhead sharks.

Our final destination will be the relatively unheard of dive sites at the island of Désirade.

We’ll set off early in the morning to St. François where we’ll either take the daily island shuttle boat or a dive boat, which will take us to these wild, yet magnificent, dive site.